Linux Mint

An unexpected move: after all these years with Xubuntu I'm going to switch to Linux Mint. Pretty much because I'm tired of so-called LTS versions that are supported for three years instead of the regular five years for regular Ubuntu. Another reason is that Linux Mint is a bit more polished and seemingly user-friendly. Comes with Compiz built-in for the fans of modern graphics.
I've installed Linux Mint 19.1 onto my laptop, an ancient Intel Atom at 1.66 GHz with only 2GB of RAM but with a 120 GB SSD instead of the 320 GB HDD and so far I'm impressed. I'm still going with Xfce because I like the simplicity of it and the fact that it pretty light on resources and has a lot of customization options. Next step: install Linux Mint on my desktop computer.

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