People are hypocrites. They tend to forget the bad things of the past and then they idealize the past as a time when everything was all sunshine and rainbows. Happens to me, also.

Did you notice on social media, at least in my country, how people now admire the cars built back in the Iron Curtain days? In Romania there was the Dacia car, built under Renault 12 license. Sure, when it first appeared it was a modern, pretty reliable car and people loved it. As time went by, it became a nightmare for most owners. Almost everyone back then looked at the Western cars, which were continually developing and improving while Dacia was only getting facelifts. The general body line stayed the same from the early 70s to the early 2000s. The engines and drivetrain only got minor modifications. While the electronic fuel injection was gaining more and more advantages compared to the carburetor, Dacia only got a EFI system well past the mid 90s. Somehow it was expected that due to the isolation of communist Romania such things would happen.

A symbol of a past, communist era, it began to be sought after by car enthusiasts, which is a good thing. Not only Dacia, but also other Romanian car brands began to become collectibles:

In the end, the past is the past. It cannot be relived, it cannot be revived, and tends to deceive us by showing only its better parts. But that's only a trick of the mind. Today is here, tomorrow will take its place and today will become yesterday with all its good and bad memories, from which we'll remember only the positive parts, unknowingly or not.

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